Garden Offices - build an office in your garden from £8,550 (ex VAT)

If you are planning to add a garden office you are not alone

The Guardian reported:  "Covid-19 could cause permanent shift towards home working"

Business News Daily announced: "With all the modern comforts of home beckoning for our attention, it would be understandable if employers saw a dip in productivity, yet the opposite is true. According to the Airtasker study, telecommuters "worked 1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 more days every year" than people who worked in an office."

Twitter has told most of its 5,000 employees that they can work from home permanently, even after the coronavirus pandemic passes.

Self build or full installation?

Two obvious elements here, are your DIY skills good enough and what's your budget?

If you can make a shed you can build one of our self build garden office kits - you will need an electrician to install a proper certified electrical supply. Details of our most popular DIY kit is shown below.

The advantage of the full installation is that you can sit back and relax and let a team get on with the work for you. You have more flexibility with the sizes and formats with a full bespoke service for your new garden office.

At Baltic Garden Retreats we work with our partners who are mainly based in Lithuania. Our team in Lithuania source the best products with a proven track record in the Baltic regions, this is relevant because the weather can drop to -35C and rise to over 35C. The materials are tried and tested. If you are investing in a garden office you don't want to end up with an expensive shed that lacks insulation and starts to rot from the first week!

Have a look at our pricing brochure, for an accurate price for installation and delivery please call Andy on 07804 956853 or send him a text and he will get back to you.

Build your own Garden office

It is much cheaper to build your own garen office and very rewarding. Our Garden office kits are delivered on a pallet with full installation instructions. Estimated time to install is estimated at 6 hours but that does depend on the skill and experience of you and your helper! Here is the specification of a standard Garden Office at £8,550 (exc vat)

Garden Office Specification.JPG

Your new Garden Office frame measures 3m by 4m and is made from high grade spruce


Insulated floor and roof panels, 4 columns. Insulation - stone wool (50mm).

The frames are made from glue laminated spruce beams. Frame consists of bottom frame (100 x 140 mm), columns (140 x 140 mm), top frame (140 x 240 mm) and withstands 442 kg/m2 roof load.

The floor is made of 146 x 28 mm floor board.

Aluminium 3-rails sliding door system with locks "Reynaers“.


The size of door is 3000 x 2200 mm.

Design depth is 50 mm for wings and 120 mm for frames double ground ways and 184 mm for triple ground ways frames. Air tightness: up to 600 Pa (class 4); Water tightness: up to 300 Pa (class 7A); Wind load resistance: up to 1600 Pa (class 4); The thickness of the glass packet: 24 mm; Thermal mold: 1.1 W/(m2 K); System profile frame: 45 mm; Color: metallic/white. Sliding doors in both directions.

Insulated full panel wall.


Panel size is 1000 x 2200 mm; Wall frame 45 x 45 mm, insulation - 50 mm (stone wool), panel covered with inside 96 x 12 mm and outside 145 x 18 mm spruce cladding boards. Thickness of the finished wall segment is 75 mm. Wooden glass wall with glass package. Panel size is 1000 x 2200 mm; Wall frame 75 x 45 mm with glass package of one chamber window. Decorative sunscreen wall with glass package. Wall panel dimensions are (1000 x 2200 mm); Wall frame 75 x 45 mm, horizontal sunscreen wall consists of 18 x 50 mm boards with glass package of one chamber (2 glasses).


The walls, floor and roof of our garden offices are all insulated to lower energy costs. We use stone wool to insulate our garden offices for this reason: fire resilience, thermal properties, acoustic capabilities, durability, aesthetics, water properties, circularity. We include all of the screws, nails and fixings needed to put your garden building together! So there's no need to worry about the type of screws, or length of nails etc you might need to get started, it's all there in the pack!

Standard Garden Office.JPG

Garden Office - first step

Your new garden office is more than a shed, so it needs proper foundations. (See diagram below).


There is no standard foundation specification because the foundation must be prepared according to the
landscape and ground conditions.

Most customers use a concrete pad with a damp Proof membrane, other foundation structures with pads and beams will work well.


Make sure to complete the site preparation and the foundation before unpacking and assembling the Garden Cube!

Foundation plan.jpg

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