Rustic garden furniture and more

The garden provides such an exceptional opportunity to express ourselves through shapes, colours and textures but should not be limited to plants alone. Why not apply this creative expression to rustic structures, such as playhouses, swings, rustic garden furniture, bridges, wooden toys, sculptures and more? 

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Unique garden furniture
Designed by nature
Traditional chair
Quality that appeals
Rustic bench
Rustic furniture
Quality that lasts
Not available in the DIY stores
Picnic bench
Party table
Ideal for picnics
Garden Rocker
Garden benches
Garden Bench
Folding table set
Created by Nature
Family Table
Dedham Boathouse Restaurant
Table & benches, Rendlesham
Furniture at Dedham show area
Showroom bench and table
Bench and Table
Table detail
Outdoor dining table and chairs
Rustic bench with back rest
Rustic benches and chairs
Childrens play area
Great family fun area
Tailor made children's play area
Solid and safe
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