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Sheltered picnic table

Whether it is the British weather that lets you down as friends and family gather for a BBQ, or you are seeking shelter on a bright summers day - more likely you are looking to escape the rain whilst enjoying your garden. This sheltered picnic table is an ideal garden structure, one that will complement any garden, providing a solid, attractive and practical place where you can sit back and relax.

The sheltered picnic table, along with the other "rustic" range are very substancial structures. These are not available from shops and DIY stores. The average weight of the sheltered picnic table is 3 tonnes - these are built to last and will stand the test of time and all weather conditions.


The quality and diverse range we offer is made from high grade timber which is grown and sustainably harvested in Lithuania. We chose to make our products from this particular area because of the climatic range in temperature, ranging from -35 degrees centigrade in the winter to +35 degrees centigrade in the summer.


Wood grown in temperatures such as this is extremely durable and can easily stand the test of time in our much milder UK climate.


The trees used in the manufacturing process are carefully selected by a small family run business who are sensitive to the local environment and manage their woodlands for future generations with replanting programmes. Our products are crafted in the workshops in Lithuania and then transported to the UK where they are installed by our team of fitters.

The average price for a sheltered picnic table is £4,200 - this price includes supply and shipping (Installation prices will be subject to a site survey).


Please call today to have a chat about the size you are looking for so we can give you an accurate price.

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Perfect for a golf course

Golf clubs traditionally offer a retreat for golfers before the back nine. Know as a "Halfway House" this is where golfing enthusiasts can take a break, chat to their friends and take some refreshment.

The Baltic Garden Retreats sheltered picnic table is a perfect addition to any golf course. This solid structure, that has proven durability in far worse weather conditions in the Baltic regions, will provide a charming "halway house" for any golf course.

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